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Old Hsu Footage

Here are the three segments of footage that I was able to have digitized.  They are large files so you may want to let them buffer a bit before hitting play.  You can also download them with a “right click” and “save as.”

I’ve listed a few of the highlights in bullets below each segment so you can have a sense of what you are watching.  If you know what you are seeing and can better identify the contents of the various segments, let me know and I’ll update the info.

They were done as a gift from my friend Brett Weiss at ScanDiego.

  • Aunty Joan arriving Hong Kong on the ship Victoria.
  • Aunty Margaret and Uncle David Ho Wedding, Reception
  • Uncle Paul’s  20th Birthday

  • Grandpa Mifoo and Grandma Pearl Hsu swimming
  • Hsu home in Hong Kong on Blue Pool Road
  • At Grandpa Mifoo’s Father’s gravesite (in Hang Zhou?)
  • flowers, village/lake
  • Airport
  • Hsu family at park

  • At the pool at the Repulse Bay Hotel, Uncle Ron
  • At a Repulse Bay Hotel/Beach
  • Dogs at the HK Hsu HoManTin 19 home
  • Four dogs in a hurry
  • Chinese New Year at Doo Jiu Jiu (Aunty Teresa Chow’s Dad) house.
  • Aunty Joan, Aunty Margaret by the beach/on the rocks

I have scans of the various film covers and reels if you can read Chinese and want to know more specifics.  I’m assuming there is a close connection with these labels and the content above. Holler and I’ll send them to you.

Bonus Reel:

I forgot and just stumbled upon this one.  It is older and was converted a few years ago. I have the years 1940 – 1952 associated with this video.

  • The four Hsu kids (pretty young) rounding some ornamental grasses at a park.
  • Aunty Joan and Margaret roller skating
  • The old Hsu home in Hong Kong.
  • Some Chinese opera. Tell me that it is Grandpa performing and I won’t fast forward through that anymore.
  • Grandma/pa on a merry-go-round.
  • (My Dad’s notes on this reel: Shanghai Park, China bank hostel , uncle-Grandfater-Mom, John’s God mother and older Jiu Jiu uncle. Younger Jiu Jiu to US,  John’s Grand Mom in Shanghai. Mr. Chu tennis, west lake, John’s Dad and Mom on ship to Hong Kong.  Grand Uncle Huang munching, tomb—-blank—-grand kids show in Shanghai. Rollerskate, Homantin hills, 11 people in car, family in fronts gate, Mom with fan, new painted Homantin house and servant Ah Ton, Mom birthday party.)